Frequently Asked Questions

Will you act as a fiduciary?

We believe that we should always act in the client’s best interest; frankly we don’t see any other way to serve our clients. We value and respect the responsibility our clients instill in us and are passionate about providing truly objective advice under the fiduciary standard of care. We strive to emphasize transparency in the partnership with our clients and our independent structure enables us the freedom to operate solely for our client’s needs.  It is encouraging to see the industry inch closer to the fiduciary model that we have always operated under.

Why should I work with a CFP® professional?

The Certified Financial Planner certification is the gold standard in personal financial planning and requires coursework, a comprehensive exam, certain professional experience, and a commitment to ethical standards. When it comes to your hard-earned life savings, we believe that you should work with someone who has proven the highest integrity and competence in personal financial planning.

What is an RICP®?

The Retirement Income Certified Professional® designation focuses on developing a knowledge base of creating secure and sustainable income in retirement from various sources available to retirees.  The required coursework and continuing education are administered by The American College.

Who is Pershing LLC?

Pershing LLC is a BNY Mellon company that works as a custodian to help financial institutions, such as Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. Pershing LLC facilitates trades, creates statements, and handles various administrative functions for the majority of our client accounts. They help manage $2 trillion in global client assets and have spent over 80 years making an impact on the industry.

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