Our Approach

We are dedicated to guiding our clients through the uncertainties of retirement and their financial future. It is through our commitment to our client’s needs and financial goals that we have structured Carolina Retirement Solutions as an independent planning firm. Being independent is the foundation for us to serve as a fiduciary and gives us the ability to be objective in every strategy we recommend. As we see the industry inch closer to the fiduciary standard of care, it reinforces our perspective that we have been and will continue to conduct business the right way for our clients.

Our independence liberates us from affiliating with any investment or insurance companies, allowing us to concentrate on being teachers, instead of salespeople. There are no outside interests or incentives to deter us from maintaining our client’s interests first. We strive to emphasize transparency and enjoy educating our clients throughout our partnership that is focused on their financial well-being. We love serving our local community and truly get satisfaction from helping others. We are proud of the impact that we are making on our neighbors.

As an independent financial planning firm, we have selected Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. as our broker-dealer. They share our commitment to independence and provide us the platform to serve our clients. Cambridge has a history of excellence in the industry and produces added value to our client relationships.

What services do we focus on?

Who Are We?
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